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Occupational Safety Management | OHS Safety Procedures

Occupational Safety Management

We provide a high quality, professional service to ensure that legal requirements regarding health and safety, are implemented, adhered to and maintained.

It is, by law, the employer’s responsibility to identify all possible risks in the workplace; to inform his employees of the risks and to ensure that they are not exposed to these hazardous risks in the course of their employment. We offer our expertise in Health and Safety matters to ensure that these risks are eliminated or reduced through education and training. We are dedicated to develop and maintain a safe and healthy environment for employers and employees.

Our Occupational Safety services include:

  • Advice and Management regarding Occupational Health and Safety
  • Advice to managers on procedures and requirements under the OHS Act
  • Advice on procedures under the Compensation of Occupational Injury and Disease (COID)
  • Investigation and documentation of all accidents, incidents and injuries
  • Training of staff in Health and Safety matters
  • Co-ordinating and keeping minutes of Safety Meetings
  • Implement a Safety, Health and Environmental Quality (SHEQ) Plan
  • Implement all legally required Registers and Records
  • Complete Risk Assessments throughout the workplace

We also offer specialized and expert Occupational Health Management services, which focuses on the wellbeing, fitness and physical condition of all employees.

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